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Surfer Blood to Headline CMJ Music Marathon, Plays Daytrotter Session

In rather large Surfer Blood news, it's just been announced that our boys from West Palm Beach will be one of the headlining acts for this year's CMJ Music

Marathon in New York from October 19-23. This is pretty big, as last

year they were just beginning to build some buzz. Kudos to them

are definitely in order, so when you see them around, give them a high-five and tell them it's from us over at County Grind. In case you want to make the trek up north to support 'em, they'll be in great company

with other acts including School of Seven Bells, the Drums, Ghostface

Killah, and DeVotchKa added to this year's lineup.  

Additionally, the latest in Daytrotter

sessions can be attributed to none other than Surfer Blood. Posted just

yesterday, it's consumed with beach puns ("the warmth of their debut

album/It does not keep rippling, hitting you with wave after wave of

hot degrees/Astro Coast isn't beach blanket music to play beneath a

sparkling night

sky, as the salt from the crashing waters seeps into your hair and skin

without you even noticing it and the sand forms a new later of skin on

the bottoms of your feet"). We get it, they're really into Surfer Blood, or just really dig drawing up imagery that makes us sad we're not at the beach right now. Follow this link and laugh till your heart's content at all of those innuendos and jam to the four-song set. We did.

Lastly, if you're a night owl -- or have a DVR -- they will be performing on Tonight's Last Call With Carson Daly. They were on the show back in mid-May, and while we're not the biggest fans of the former TRL

host, we can admit that we have a soft spot for anything Surfer Blood.

Oh, and his other guest of the night, Diablo Cody, is pretty cool too. 

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