Surfer Blood's JP Pitts Shares His Top Five Most Memorable Local Gigs

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5. Random Backyard Gig in Jupiter Farms, circa 2009

"We had a friend named Tommy Coleman who used to have shows at his house that were big events. He lived way out in Jupiter Farms, so there was plenty of room in his backyard, and his neighbors were apparently far enough away that the noise didn't bother them.

"His mother would cook chili (for vegans and non-vegans) and he would invite all kinds of bands, both local and sometimes from out of state.

"I was impressed, there was a band called We Versus the Shark from Athens, Georgia, who drove all the way down to PBC to play a show in his backyard. It ended up being worth their while though, at least a hundred kids came to his shindig and they were all stoked.

"I remember being starstruck by this touring band from far away, their equipment, their van, it's just one of many factors that instilled in me a desire to tour."

4. The Factory, circa 2008

"There was a time when we were first starting when it was really hard for us to find good shows. It was the golden age of MySpace, and we would spend hours trying to find new places to play, we actually managed to book two full East Coast tours with our band's MySpace page. I really miss MySpace, I wish it hadn't changed.

"Anyways, we managed to get a show at the old Factory in Broward County. We remembered it as the place where Poison the Well would play when we were in high school, so we were expecting it to be a proper venue, but it was more like a greasy dinner theater by then.

"We had walked into something kind of like a variety show where a panel gives their opinion on the various acts; we were up against comedians, ventriloquists, and some other performances I can't remember now. The entire audience was seated and most of them were eating chicken wings, the only thing missing was a couple of slot machines.

"Needless to say it didn't feel like the natural setting for our music, especially because it takes us at least twenty minutes to set up, an awkward length of time for people in a restaurant-theater setting. I don't remember how the show went, probably bad, but I do remember one of the panel members who went by the name "Bitchfire" made a comment that I reminded her of a gay John F. Kennedy. Still not sure what she meant by that."

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