Surfer Blood's JP Pitts Shares His Top Five Most Memorable Local Gigs

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3. The Snooze, April 7, 2012

"There used to be a venue called the Snooze in northern Palm Beach County. It always managed to book the most interesting out of town bands, and it was a regular haunt for everyone in Surfer Blood. I'd say many of the shows I went to there were memorable, we played there once or twice too.

"It was the first place we played the songs off our second record Pythons. We had spent the better part of six months writing and waiting to hear something, anything from our label about recording. Finally, we got the green light and a date to start recording in Los Angeles with Gil Norton. We realized that we were about to fly across the country to record a bunch of songs we'd never played in front of a live audience, so a week before we left, we arranged to put on a show at the Snooze, our favorite haunt.

"The show went well, and all of our parents and friends came and everyone had a great time! It was an affirmation that felt really good after working on a record for months on end."

2. Respectable Street Cafe, circa 2012

"We had a show booked at Respectables at the tail end of a very long tour. It had been more than seventy days since we'd left and almost as many shows. We were exhausted and delirious by that point and probably capable of anything. One thing I've always loved about Respectables is their lighting rig. They have lights in every shape size and color, and they all move!

"During one of our noisy parts whoever was doing the lighting at the time started going nuts with all the strobes, I was so moved that I climbed on top of the PA speaker. I spotted a pipe attached to the roof and jumped. The plan was to hang from pipe and swing back and forth like a circus performer, but I overestimated how sturdy that particular fixture was. The pipe wasn't really supported by anything and I fell on my back hard, it didn't really hurt that badly but it took me a while to get up because I was so embarrassed."

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