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Surfer Blood's Thomas Fekete Records Lo-Fi Album Battling Cancer at Home

Whether in sickness or in health, Thomas Fekete creates music that makes us want to listen. This past April, the guitarist of West Palm Beach rockers Surfer Blood was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Though the disease and its treatment have kept Fekete from touring with his band, it has not stopped him from writing and recording.

This past Spring, while fighting the cancer, Fekete managed to record 11 songs on a 4-track from his South Florida bedroom. The album, titled Burner, was released earlier this week on his label Joyful Noise, with copies available digitally ($7) and on vinyl ($20). A limited number of cassette copies have already sold out. All proceeds will contribute to Fekete's ongoing medical expenses, and the guitarist is still accepting donations via a GoFundMe page.

If "Treason,"  the track Fekete released as a teaser to the streaming masses, is any indication of the rest of Burner, then we should expect some beautiful, fuzzy distortion bliss. 

Here is Fekete's rather harrowing statement on Burner, which explores his experiences since his diagnosis:
Sometime between March and June of 2015 while healing from two surgeries and starting chemotherapy, I hunched over my four track and created this disaster. No multiple takes, no expensive mics, no outside direction...just me in my bedroom with a very cheap, bare bones setup.

Some of these songs reflect on good times, days I'm able to walk on my own, talk, and function like a somewhat normal human being. Others remind me of barfing between vocal takes, wheel chairs, dilaudid withdrawals, and tears, from my family, my spouse, my dear friends. However, like everything in my life, I did manage to find some humor in my situation, and I hope that helps level out all the heavy stuff.

Love you, be happy pls
Burner track-listing :

1. Loser Uncle
2. Ocean
3. Weather Press
4. Roll On River (Andy Boay)
5. Banklet
6. Knife Bank
7. Treason
8. Problems
9. Gold
10. Melk Mustache
11. Pick Up The Things That You Need 
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