Surviving Tour

Anthony Green was California dreamin'. In 2003, he left his hometown of Philadelphia for the golden sands of Newport Beach, where he formed Saosin. But a year later, Green exited stage east, back to Philly, where he hooked up with former This Day Forward guitarist Colin Frangicetto to start a new band — Circa Survive. In the tradition of prog-rock greats like Led Zeppelin, the four Circa Survive members found a house and shacked up together, all in the name of nonstop songwriting. The result was Juturna, a progressive mix of emo-ish post-hardcore and artfully hard-edged screamers. Sure, the guys have their chops down cold, but that doesn't mean they can't feel a little anxious about touring. As guitarist Brendan Ekstrom notes on the band's blog: "In preparation for the tour we managed to sleep about two hours before the first day. I felt as if I'd smoked a bowl of acid out of a helium balloon." Let's hope he wakes up in time for Sunday's show.

Circa Survive joins the Receiving End of Sirens, Days Away, and You in Series at 7 p.m. Sunday, July 16, at the Culture Room, 3045 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $12 to $15. Call 954-564-1074, or visit

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Jason Budjinski