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Swamp Stomp Music Festival 2010 Saturday Bayside Hut

Like Travis Bickle said in Taxi Driver, "One day a real rain is gonna come and wash all this scum off the streets." When that day comes to Miami (maybe with a big hurricane this summer), and all the bullshit, plastic, glass, and concrete is gone, we'll be left with a swamp, a great big funking swamp. 

Pre-game for disaster with the sound and fury of Swamp Stomp, a Miami born live music festival that's moving from Jimbos last year to Bayside Hut on Key Biscayne for 2010.

On the bill are The Lee Boys, Jahfé, Juke, Art Official, Rachel Goodrich, The Swamp Stomp Revue, Bridget + Luke, Beckham County Trainwreck, and DJ A-Train. That's sacred steel, reggae riddims, dirty south gutbucket, shakeabilly, jam band, electro-folk, rock and roll, and two turntables.

Get your presale tix now for $8 or $10 at the door. And enter to win a free keg of Sam Adams beer at Stop and Shop on Ponce by US1 and 57th Ave when you buy a sandwich, salad, or six pack. Winner will be announced at Swamp Stomp.

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Jacob Katel

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