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Swans' Michael Gira on The Seer, Released Today: "Once It's Done, It Just Sounds Like Dead Matter to Me"

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New Times: The Seer is indeed a masterpiece.

Michael Gira: Ho, ho, ho, ho! Thank you.

I really think it's like one of the greatest things. It's those long passages that take their time. Like you say, it's a journey.
My ideal for an album is a total experience, having in my young age listened to music from the '60s. I was born in '54, so I was 12 when it was the golden age of the album, when albums started being a work of art or something, and that's what I gravitate towards.

And this is going to be what, like three vinyl records?
Yeah [laughs]. Paradoxically, the best way to listen to this from beginning to end is digitally because then there's no breaks in it. Even on CD, it's two CDs. It's a strange thing because I'm not a big fan of digitized iTunes experiences. But I think the best way is if somebody can get high-quality files from the music they buy, I emphasize, then listen to the entire album through their computer in a stereo system, or something like that.

So this will be available in FLAC files?
I think so, yeah.

It is ironic, because iTunes shoulders part of the blame of breaking up the album.

Oh, really? [laughs]

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