SXSW: A Chat With Austin Correspondent/Motörhead Enthusiast Bradford Schmidt

As tipped yesterday, Bradford "Bone in the Fan" Schmidt is at South by Southwest. Hopefully someone else gave Lemmy a beer last night.

Crossfade: dude. i am reading a review of motorhead from last night... did you make it in?

Bradford: Did not make it in. Was crazy. 
Crossfade: i

Bradford: I would have killed to get into that show  

here I know with weight couldn't get in 
Crossfade: i'm glad

that you did not kill
would have killed our sxsw coverage 

But made a good cover story  
"Good writer gone bad"
What drove

bradford schmidt to kill
was it the evil metal music
Lemmy would

have been on larry king
Where's the review - I should I avoid it so

I'm not bummed 
Crossfade: houston

Bradford: Fuckers.


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