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SXSW: Surfer Blood Apparently Did Some Awesome Things Today

​Unleash South Florida's buzz band of the moment, Surfer Blood, on Austin, Texas, and the music enthusiasts will follow. Above, we see that New York Times' Ben Sisario is spending just as much time observing the feverish thumb-typing around him as he is the band. We have compiled several notable music writers' tweets that have rolled in during the past couple hours while Surfer Blood played at Club DeVille for the Insound party (~2 p.m.), and then NPR's showcase at the Parish (~3:30).

Out of the 8,000 or so mentions of Surfer Blood this afternoon, a few stood out.

Two tweets from @1000timesyes, AKA friend of the BPB Crossfade Christopher R. Weingarten, moonlighting as @rollingstone:
"It smells like sunscreen where I'm standing right now. I love it." Also I think they dedicated a song to tacos?
The band of the hour really leaning into those heavy parts.

Seems no band's live sets are reviewed more disparately than Surfer Blood's. For the record they sound great at NPR.

Slowly succumbing to Surfer Blood's atonal-tonal-atonal grooves.

Surfer Blood's guitarist just played a solo with his teeth. He's no Hendrix, but it was

Finally, this guy's got the right idea:


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