SXSW: Wristband-Covered Meatist Returns, Only 357 Days Til SXSW 2011

Bradford's rainbow wrists
​Last week and this week, we had the pleasure of following the adventures of our very own Meatist, Bradford Schmidt, during his first visit to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. In addition to providing us with coverage, he tweeted and blogged his face off. Get all of our SXSW typings helpfully compiled from the past seven days after the jump.

Crossfade @ SXSW 2010:
SXSW 2010: The Meatist Meets Austin
SXSW: A Chat With Austin Correspondent/Motrhead Enthusiast Bradford Schmidt
SXSW: Bradford Schmidt Has a Date With Rogue Wave Today
SXSW: Surfer Blood Apparently Did Some Awesome Things Today
SXSW: The Meatist Talks Eating Kangaroo With Aussie Paul Dempsey, Can't Bum a Ride
SXSW: Meatist and Crash Kings Agree to Agree on Salmon
SXSW: The Meatist Discovers Adrian Grenier in the Gifting Suite, and How to Spell "Ty Segall"
SXSW: Surfer Blood Play VVM Party, Get New York Times Write-Up, Love Thee Oh Sees
SXSW: Even Aussie Group Karnivool Has Experienced Outback Steakhouse

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