Take a WMC break & talk to Iggy Pop

"I've made it especially for France, and people who speak French."

And so begins local rock legend Iggy Pop's "trailer" for his new album "Preliminaires" (aka "Foreplay"), which has been described as "dangerously near jazz" and features an Edith Piaf cover. The inspiration for the album is also French, the 2005 novel, "The Possibility of an Island" by Michel Houellebecq, which coincidentally was the inspiration for a recent exhibition at MOCA.

Pop is conducting a LIVE INTERACTIVE PRESS CONFERENCE tomorrow morning, Thursday March 26 at 6am. Log on to his album's website beforehand to register though if you dare ask the legend a question at the end of a hard night's WMCing.

The end of the video also includes part of one of the new songs. Enjoy.


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