Take Shawn Wayne's Songwriting Challenge for a Chance to Appear on The Wayne Event

​West Palm Beach-based hip-hop producer Shawn Wayne likes to make MCs fight for his beats. That's why Shawn, his label FootWork4Self, and the folks at Antisteez.com have put together a songwriting battle to chose the final track for his new album, The Wayne Event, due out this fall. Mr. Wayne, a purveyor of soulful, jazzy boom-bap, is in the process of putting the finishing touches on the project, which features appearances by Sab the Artist, Mr. Chief, Jabrjaw, Protoman, and many more -- and he wants to give all you hungry MCs out there a chance to add your name to the list.

To enter this war of words, one must simply download the instrumental provided below and insert the nastiest lyrics one can conjure. Keep in mind, though, that this song is to be included on a professionally mixed and mastered album being officially released through FootWork4Self, so don't just throw down your hottest 16 bars in one take through an iMic. Contestants will be judged on the overall song, which includes content, songwriting ability, and lyrics. The artist is also allowed a collaboration but no more than one feature per submission (this means no more than two artists on any track). The winner will be selected by the Antisteez staff, who have emphasized that only "quality" material will be accepted, so no whack shit!

And here is the part where you really need to pay attention. All submissions must be sent via email to info@antisteez.com by Wednesday, August 3, with "Shawn Wayne Beat Contest" in the subject line. Best of luck to the MCs, and feel free to throw in a little New Times/County Grind shoutout if you feel so inclined.

FW4S Contest Beat by antisteez_com

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