Tate's Comics Is Expanding Its Original Location

Tate's Comics, the original Lauderhill massive headquarters for all things comic-book-related, is currently growing even more enormous.

Walls have been struck to expand the location by 3,400 square feet, making it bigger than Giant Man, The Blob, and possibly Godzilla at more than 10,000 square feet. Tate Ottati, the store's owner, believes this will put the store as one of the five largest in the country. Ottati told County Grind the new space will make room for "more boutique displays of individual titles and lines like The Walking Dead, Fables, and DC's New 52. We'll also have more space for accessories like T-shirts from Fine Print, socks, hats, and weird goggles, like the new Harry Potter ones we just got."

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Feeling confident after successfully opening a more streamlined second location in Boynton Beach, Ottati is crossing his fingers that the original store's expansion will be finished in time for the store's 21st anniversary sale on April 5 and 6.

One possible obstacle more menacing than one of Lex Luthor's schemes was flooding earlier that day (which he stresses had nothing to do with the store's expansion) that damaged more than $10,000 worth of graphic novels. Ottati was still optimistic, hopeful that perhaps in a year he could start searching for a third location, in Miami-Dade. "I'm really surprised with how great it's going in Boynton Beach. With so many customers and subscribers, you can tell the area was starving for a comic-book store."

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So what comics does a man with every title under his roof find himself reading these days? "Judge Dredd is the one I read on the toilet. We just had a warehouse find of old EC comics that we got so cheap, I can sell for cover price. I'm piling through all of them amazed that every issue was filmed for an episode of Tales From the Crypt, The Outer Limits, or Twilight Zone."

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