Tate's Comics Launches Ugly Sweater Sunday

"This has nothing to do with Bill Cosby," insists Anthony Ruiz, front desk clerk at Tate's Comics about the store celebrating its first ever Ugly Sweater Sunday.

"The idea for it came up like all our special events do, at a powwow between all the store's employees."

Although an Ugly Sweater Sunday might seem to have the makings of anti-Bill Cosby social commentary by mocking Dr. Huxtable's favorite item of clothing, the festivities at the all-things comic book related store will be much more innocent.

Anyone wearing an ugly sweater will get an automatic ten percent discount off all their purchases. But to qualify Ruiz emphasizes, "The sweater has to really be horrific to count."

The cream of the crop in awful style decisions will be eligible to compete in an ugly sweater contest with prizes that will be announced on Sunday. Ruiz promises, "They will be awesome."

For those lacking appropriate sweaters but searching for an added incentive to purchase comic book paraphernalia, this Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m., Tate's will also be celebrating Substitute Santa where your kids or you can sit on the lap and get a picture taken with someone who is not Santa.

The same day, a stand-in member of Guardians of the Galaxy will also make an appearance. Future weeks will feature Spider-man, Deadpool, Batman, and Darth Vader.

To commemorate Ugly Sweater Sunday the store has created a Guardians of the Galaxy-themed ugly sweater T-shirt for sale. If you bring your own blank T-shirt or sweatshirt (although ironically not sweater) someone will screen-print the pattern on your article of clothing for free.

So even though the forecast calls for highs in the '70s on Sunday, Tate's offers quite a few reasons to dig into the worst of your winter wear.

Ugly Sweater Sunday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday, December 7, at Tate's Comics, Promenade at Inverrary, 4566 N. University Dr., Lauderhill. Visit tatescomics.com.

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