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Taylor Dayne to Appear at Miami Freestyle Invasion at BankUnited Center, May 30


Unless you slipped into a coma during the mid-eighties, you couldn't have missed dance-pop sensation and Paula-Abdul contemporary Taylor Dayne, who produced '80s gold like "Tell It to My Heart" and "Love Will Bring You Back." "All you needed back then was a blowdryer and a dream." Yes, Dayne actually said that. Unfortunately her hair, like everything else from the '80s, has been defused. But her dance-worthy, leg-warming, ozone-destroying style will never die in the hearts of those who attended prom in 1989. Dayne will appear as part of the Miami Freestyle Invasion at the BankUnited Center May 30 along with Johnny O, Judy Torres, Debbie Deb, and Marky Mark.... Just kidding. No Marky Mark, but you do also get Reinaldo, Company B, David of Nice N Wild, Erotic Exotic, Voice in Fashion, Sequal, Rockell, Safire, Corina, Timmy T, and Freestyle Evolution. Is that enough freestyle for you? Tickets start at $28. Visit www.bankunitedcenter.com, or call 305-284-8244 for more information.

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Erica K. Landau