Teenage Bottlerocket to Play Respectable Street Cafe October 15

Teenage Bottlerocket
I'm not going to make the usual references to Teenage Bottlerocket being from the small town of Laramie, Wyoming and then go on to say that they remind people of the Ramones even though they are from this really small town in a western state and the Ramones are from NYC and isn't it funny, haha, how they sound like them, even though they don't really sound like them anymore than any other band like them do and it's just easy to say that because they wear motorcycle jackets, so just shut up. 

TBR sounds like they listened to a lot of Ramones growing up, just like nearly every other punk rock band that came after them, so making that trite comparison isn't gonna tell you much except that they are definitely not post-punk and they definitely like sweet melodies and pop. 

This is what you need to know:

  • TBR has that guy from the Lillingtons in them. 
  • They play short, catchy pop tunes in a punk format, sometimes known as pop punk.
  • They just got signed to Fat Wreck, so now you can really get your douche on and say you only like the stuff that came out on Red Scare.
  • They are playing Respectables in October.
  • They basically kick ass.
Teenage Bottlerocket plays Thursday, October 15 at Respectable Street Cafe (518 Clematis Street, WPB) more info at 

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Dominic Sirianni