Teepee's Erix S. Laurent Lists Six Thinks He's (Now No Longer) Secretly Obsessed With That His Friends Think Are Weird

Our full interview with Erix S. Laurent on his project Teepee here.

Teepee has been busy, busy, busy since we last spoke with the musician behind the sound and concept Erix S. Laurent. The limited edition seven inch "Time Meant Nothing" is coming out on July 19 (available now for pre-order), and on July 14, Teepee will perform at Green Room in Fort Lauderdale with a full band. Of highest indie-cred significance is that CMJ noted Teepee as its Sonicbids Spotlight band of the week. They also snagged a slot in one of next year's showcases at the New York uber-music fest.

Laurent is a man of mystery, one we were hungry to know more strange facts about. We asked him to reveal something a little embarrassing about himself, and he satisfied our Teen Beat perversions by listing out six things he's obsessed with that make his friends cringe and which were once secret. Now, not so much.

We threw in a few arbitrary videos to provide a soundtrack for the weirdness.

6. Fruit
"I only eat fruit, and I love it." Laurent says of his healthy addiction, "It's the original fast food and the perfect, efficient human meal. I don't have to prepare anything, and nothing ever goes to waste."

5. Farms"Having on my own farm, so I can grow my own fruit," future farmer and tan-tastic Laurent admits, "I want to grow my own food and tan all day."

4. Watching non-musicians play music
"I love watching people overcome their technical shortcomings to satisfy their curiosities with sound, release whatever energy they have built up, or anything. Sometimes the least skilled musicians put on the best shows." Laurent notes diplomatically.

3. Astral travel
"I only eat fruit. It happens," the musician "jokes."

2. Driving slowly
Laurent is apparently the guy you've been honking at when behind the wheel. "For me, it's the Zen way of life. For other people on the road, not so much."

1. Wearing clothes until they die
"I guess I really love the idea of owning very little, wanting very little, and getting maximum value out of whatever I choose to invest in. When I purchase new clothes, I like to focus on only buying things that I truly love, and expect to have around with me for a long time." Endurance, attachment, and astral projection. Go see Teepee at Green Room, bring apples and Enya CDs.

Green Room Saturdays and Revera Corporation present Teepee at 10 p.m. on July 14 at Green Room, 109 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. No cover. $3 Svedka and select craft beers before midnight. 21 and older.

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