Ten Best Cosplay and Video Game Costumes from Black Friday Arcade

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4. Spy from Team Fortress 2
This guy looks effortlessly hip, suited up with a skinny tie, not to mention his bad-boy mask. We're not sure if he's passing us a smoke or yelling obscenities over the music, but he scores big on our list.

5. Tron Gear
LED lights. Check. Tall smiley dude, check. This lit-up duo, stunned up with some serious dance moves while living out the Tron legacy for the night. Gear from this classic film was worn all over the club, but these two were on top.

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Someone toss this guy a pizza. He needs some turtle power before returning to the sewer underworld. But before he goes home to filthy water and a wise rat, he's got criminals and drunks to fight. Really, though, who doesn't love a green superhero in a half shell?

7. Phoenix
This fierce lady, uh man, in red seduced the skivvies off of us. Work that human pole!

8. Lady Gamer Gaga
Is that you? 

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