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Ten Best Florida Metal Bands of All Time

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8. Deicide
People get into extreme metal for a number of reasons, but a really good one is because most death metal scares the shit out of everyone else not quite on the level. Then, there's Deicide, a band apt to bum your parents out from the minute they hear the name.

Band leader, Glen Benton -- whose dual high/low vocal assault has been ripped-off ad nauseam at this point -- has repeatedly burned an inverted cross into the flesh on his forehead. Also, the band's most recent record is titled To Hell With God. If you were to strip Deicide of the shock value this blasphemy provides, you would still be left with one of the best death metal bands of all time.

7. Hate Eternal
Hate Eternal's approach to death metal was a far more cerebral display of brawn.

Though guitarist and vocalist Erik Rutan is the driving force of the band, former drummer, Derek Roddy, is widely considered to be one of the most influential and technically astonishing drummers the genre has ever produced. In fact, Roddy's double-bass and blast beat athletics are so impressive, that he no longer makes music. He's just too busy giving clinics and posing in-front of drum sets for press photos. Also, this video features Hollywood act Orbweaver's guitarist, vocalist, and theramin-molester Randy Piro on bass.

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