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Ten Best Florida Metal Bands of All Time

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4. Assück
St. Petersburg's gift to smelly kids in ripped black jeans everywhere, Assück is considered an archetype of grindcore. The songs are short, explosive, and completely unhinged sonic temper tantrums. Where death metal bands generally take technical prowess and speed to paint pictures of the grotesque, Assück filtered these elements into political commentary, effectively utilizing these sounds as more than just a weapon to upset your parents.

3. Shai Hulud
Founded in Pompano Beach, Shai Hulud is considered a hardcore band, but Hearts Once Nourished With Hope and Compassion displays the bands progressive nature and technical ability far beyond that of your average mosh-call cretins.

In fact, that older guy you see at your local shows (the one that has worn the same pair of Sauconys since 1998) will tell you that Shai Hulud made some of the best metalcore records ever. Also, the band's most revered albums featured Chad Gilbert (best known as the guitarist of New Found Glory) on lead vocals. Gilbert recently reunited with the group to record its most recent album, and even fronted the band for a set at the Reel and Restless Fest last year. Above is a video of what transpired.

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