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Ten Best Guitar Shops in Broward County

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5. Music Magic

Music Magic is a locally-based online dealer that focuses entirely on attainably priced, player's grade vintage. Between the unreal selection of oddball Norlin-period Gibsons, student series Fenders from the mid-'60s, and even a killer selection of vintage Gretschs, this guy should be your first call if you're interested in getting a useful vintage instrument that you're not afraid to play Churchill's with.

4. A1A Guitars and Art

Many of those that frequent M.A.E. may remember Jeffrey D, who ran the guitar department there for a few years. Jeffrey has gone on to open his own shop and art gallery right on one of the scenic strips of A1A in Dania Beach. Jeffrey deals mostly in new gear, and has an intense selection of Taylor acoustics. His shop is also up the street from Jaxson's and Tark's, and I shouldn't write hungry anymore.

3. Kummer's Vintage Instruments

Another locally-based online dealer, Tim Kummer, has undoubtedly one of the sickest stashes of vintage electric guitars in the area, but where Kummer cuts his own swath is his absolutely unreal cache of original National resonator guitars and various lap steels, all for sale.

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