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Ten Chapters From Scott Stapp's Autobiography, Hopefully

Big things are coming for Boca Raton resident Scott Stapp later this year and into next year. His recent interview with Billboard spent much time discussing a new solo album that is tentatively titled Somewhere in the Middle of Lust and Love, which has "really become a labor of love" (as opposed to lust). At the end, we find that the Creed frontman is about 100 pages into an autobiography with writer David Ritz, who has written biographies of soul and R&B legends Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Ray Charles, and Aretha Franklin. Stapp says that the book will highlight spiritual issues he's dealt with throughout his life.

As we await publication of Exposed and Released: The Confessions of Scott Stapp, here are ten of the many moments in this man's life that would make for a fascinating, cathartic read.

1. The inner turmoil of having the initials ASS at a young age and the eventual shift to the name Scott Alan Stapp.

2. How he, Mark Tremonti, Brian Marshall, and Scott Phillips decided on the band's original name, Naked Toddler.

3. Any business meetings or social encounters with Mel Gibson prior to recording "Relearn Love" for The Passion of the Christ: Songs -- an album that also features Brad Paisley and Lauryn Hill.

4. "Marlins Will Soar," obv.

5. His "home movie" with Kid Rock.

6. A drunken brawl with 311.

7. The prednisone-enhanced show in Chicago that Stapp performed on his back.

8. The time police got involved after Stapp threw a bottle of Orangina at his wife. Notably, "Judge Cory J. Ciklin reduced the charge to misdemeanor assault after determining the Orangina bottle was not a deadly weapon."

9. Stapp pulling a gun on his own house -- and later patching the bullet holes with putty.

10. The wolf-deflecting power of Creed's music.

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