Ten Classic Cartoon Rock Stars

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The Icelandic chanteuse was always a care-free spirit, but never more so than in her 1997 video for "I Miss You" animated by John Kricfalusi the mad mind behind Ren & Stimpy. Bjork never wore less then she did in this video both in live action and animated form. Watch out for the cameo by Fred Flintstone.

The Beatles

You are undoubtedly aware of Yellow Submarine, the 1968 movie that introduced the world to the Blue Meanies. But there was also a Saturday morning Beatles cartoon that ran 39 episodes from 1965-67. The Fab Four could not be bothered with voicing the characters (they did have a day job they were attending to), so instead the voice of Boris from Rocky and Bullwinkle was cast as both John Lennon and George Harrison.

The Sex Pistols

From their 1980 movie The Great Rock n Roll Swindle, the punk quartet characterized their fame during a 90-second sequence in surreal Robert Crumb-underground comix style.

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