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Ten Coolest Things about the Trendy Truck, a Full Fashion-Mobile on Wheels

Everyone knows what a food truck is, but what the hell's a fashion truck? Instead of adding more calories to your diet with fatty snacks on wheels, the Trendy Truck is bringing fashion to the streets. It's South Florida's newest traveling boutique with stuff to wear that ranges from ten to 150 bucks.  

Last night, at C&I Studios, we put down our fried mac and cheese indulged in the fat-free Trendy Truck. What follows are ten ways the this vehicle is a fashionistas dream come true. 

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10. It's family oriented.
What better than to buy from a legit family-owned business? The Trendy Truck was started by mother and daughter, Brenda Hunter and Sydney Edwards. Hunter was inspired after reading about an LA mobile clothing store, and immediately showed her daughter. That's sweeter than anything you'd get on some sticky food truck!

9. The truck was formerly used in the military.
The Trendy Truck was not just any old truck Edwards and Hunter stumbled upon. Edwards' godfather, who was an Army reservist, gave the ladies a former military EMT truck. Eight thousand in decoration bucks later, it is now the Trendy Truck, complete with lights, new floor, chandelier, drawers, mirror ceiling, and dressing room. Which brings us to our next cool fact...

8. There is a dressing room.
Forget about guessing about your size, there's an actual dressing room, complete with its own mirror, in the truck. Perfect for quickly trying on an item while you're in a rush, or for trying on every single item on the truck (Trust us, you'll want to). But if the dressing room is full, there is always the next awesome fact...

7. There is a mirror on the roof.
No, you are not seeing double. The whole roof is a mirror. If someone is using the dressing room, feel free to look up for a selfie-style glance at yourself, or creep on everyone else in the truck. It's like spying, but more discreet. Now you'll know the bitch that snatched the last shirt in your size. 

6. Most clothes are from New York and L.A.
No need to travel to faraway lands in the U.S. to snag cool outfits, that's what the Trendy Truck is for! Bringing you various styles from the Big Apple and L.A., the Trendy Truck will ensure a wardrobe that no one else in sunny South Florida will have. Not to mention that one of the designers, Elliatt, is from Australia, adding international flair to the mix. So go on with your bad self, and rock those one of a kind threads. 

5. Glasses, purses and makeup, oh my!
Not only does the Trendy Truck offer awesome clothes, but it sells accessories and makeup, as well. With sunglasses, purses, nail polish, and jewelry, you're bound to go on a spending binge. But fear not! Prices are reasonable, especially for a traveling boutique that conveniently comes to you.

4. Solvent free nail polish
According to Merriam-Webster, solvent is a substance that dissolves or can dissolve another solution. Unfortunately, this chemical can be found in most nail polishes. But not those sold at the Trendy Truck. So paint those pretty little digits of yours with all the colors the Trendy Truck rainbow has to offer.

3. It's funny.
What's better than a sense of humor? How about a sense of humor that conveniently caries your makeup? The Trendy Truck sells makeup bags made out of a burlap-like material that's bound to make everyone chuckle. One reads "In case of emergency make drinks for yourself before serving others." Our favorite is pictured above.

2. Accepts cash and credit card
Almost nothing is more unfortunate and frustrating than being told, "Sorry, we only take cash," as you're weighed down by armfuls of carefully selected items. Good news is, that phrase will never be uttered from anyone's lips on the Trendy Truck. Thanks to good ol' modern technology, small credit/debit card scanners attached to an iPhone save the day. 

1. Panties give back to the community  
Just when you thought the Trendy Truck had everything, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that there is indeed more. In this case, more would be panties that gives back to the community, and we don't mean with STDs. Ten percent of the proceeds from each pair goes toward helping women out of poverty and into business via microfinance loans. Every time you feel that glorious fabric on your behind, just know that you helped a sister out. 

Follow the Trendy Truck on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with its whereabouts. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.