Ten Flexible Yogis on Their Favorite Yoga Tunes

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This weekend, we decided to search for some inner peace at YogaFest in Huizenga Park, Fort Lauderdale. We want to say we weren't inspired by overconsumption of weed brownies or Easter candy, but, then we'd be lying. Too much THC and sugar will naturally send you into the downward facing dog and/or child's pose.

Besides the typical yoga classes offered at the affair, there was cool workout garb for sale, delicious organic food, an abundance of good vibes, and a butt-ton of flexibility. We spoke with the most bendy yogis we encountered about which songs are their favorite to stretch to. Feel free to take these tunes and add them to your playlist -- whether used to inspire yoga, sewing, or just plain making pliant amour. And to that we say, "Namaste, bitches."

10. Ocean Headstand Pose

Ryan is one of the head trainers for Ocean Yoga in Atlantic Beach. This talented fellow does way more extreme yoga than you're used to. He does it on a surfboard stimulator.

Dude likes to jam to "Magic" by Coldplay. "It's a great song to do yoga to," he claims. "It's great for movement and flowing."

9. Group Yoga

We tried to get an answer from all three of these yoga babes, but only one was able to name what tunes gets her screaming "namaste!" And the lucky crew that has her eager to post in sun salutation is none other than Dave Matthews Band.

8. Assisted Handstand

This bubbly duo, whose first time hanging out was at YogaFest, was more than happy to pose for a picture and chat with us. Cherie loves "Over the Rainbow" by Israel "Iz" Ka'ano'i Kamakawiwo'Ole, and her "happy place" is Hawaii. "It's relaxing and tranquil," she told us.

Brittany's artists of choice are Bastille, Matt Kearney, and Jack Johnson. "'Better Together' by Jack Johnson reminds me of my daughter," she explained. "I was in the military and away for nine months. I gave it to her dad to play when she was crying or upset."

And what else gives her joy? "My happy place is anywhere sunny," she continued. "I'd rather be outside breaking a sweat than inside and cold."

7. Tree Pose

"I've been doing yoga for 20 years," said Arnie, the Yoda of all yogis. "My favorite part of yoga is to breathe, because it's better than opium, I guess."

His favorite type of music to do yoga to? Anything by Wha. No worries; we didn't have a clue who this artist was either.

6. Aerial Yoga

Rachel loves Indian flute music whenever she strikes a pose, Nakki being one of her favorite artists. "It's like beautiful flute music that echoes in a canyon," she says. She most enjoys the beach at night just looking at the ocean with just her and her hubby.

5. Tightrope Yoga

Kimberly loves Bob Marley, John Legend, and a lot of Oriental lounge music. And what gives her pleasure? "Just love. Just giving love." Amen, sista!

4. Namaste Pose

We decided to chat with the organizers of this whole shindig, hubby and wife Keith and Kelly Fox. Kelly likes to jam to, well, Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe" while Keith likes to get down with some chanting. Like a typical yogi, Keith said, "I'm open to anything."

3. Plow Pose With a Twist

This yogi was quite talented, bringing in a Hula-Hoop to the mix. "I Got" by Beats Antique is her yoga jam. Her tranquil spot is Salida, Colorado. "We have land there, and it's our getaway," the hula gal said. There, she mountain-bikes, water-rafts, and hikes.

2. The Giggly Friend Pose

These laughing friends were ready to answer any and all of our musical questions. So giggly were they that it took us a while to capture the right pose. Karene listed Passenger and John Mayer as her favorite artists while Samantha is partial to Christina Perri's "Human." They both find inner peace at the beach.

1. Side Plank

This guy was seriously awesome. We were dumbstruck doing yoga next to him. Something told us we were in the presence of yogi greatness -- we just had to interview him. Joaquin De Teresa noted that Desert Dwellers is his favorite band. He's the most joyful while doing lotus pose.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.