Ten Jimmy Buffett Parrothead Fashion Essentials

When we heard Jimmy Buffett, the king crooner of Margaritaville and Land Shark lager, was playing these parts, we grabbed our leis and lawn chairs and headed over to Cruzan to watch him perform. And although there are still cheeseburgers in paradise, it was all the parrotheads that caught our eye.

Jimmy's loyal band of followers were out in full effect this weekend, some even tailgating seven hours before the show. We were curious to see what the best parrotheads were sporting, so we decided to compile a list for future Buffett concerts. Here are ten things you need to be a proper parrothead.

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10. Hula Skirts

Jimmy Buffett sings songs of the islands, so it's no surprise that these ladies are donning grass skirts. Check out the gal on the left -- she has a mini parrot on and everything. These colorful fowl were the belles of the ball.

9. Hawaiian Shirt

What is a Jimmy Buffett concert without Hawaiian shirts? It's not a Jimmy Buffett concert, we can tell ya that.

As tacky as they may be, they are a true staple of the laid back crooner's style. This time, it's OK to follow the crowd. Pair it with some bathrobes, and you're basically asleep at the beach.

8. Lawn Chair and Straw Hat Combo

The lawn chair screams "I just want to get wasted," while the straw hat states "but I want to get some shade, too." Partying while staying sun-conscious? We're all for it, even if the concert was at 8 p.m.

7. Liquor Boobies

Yes, you read that right. The liquor boob theme of this outfit? Margaritaville, of course! The perfect accompaniment of the lime bikini top? Mini tequila bottles. Unfortunately, security made her pour them out before entering. "But I saved a swallow," this tequila babe said with a sly smile.

6. Pirate Stuff

Pirates are basically the opposite of parrotheads. They pillage and make you walk the plank, and instead of enjoying the island life, they ruin it. But much like the fun-loving Buffett fans, pirates do love to chug some rum and wear a bird on their shoulder. So get your best snarl on and start mixing drinks.

5. Parrot Hat

As a parrot head, it's probably best that you grab a, well, parrot hat of course!

And though the bird on this man's brain is perched atop a shark, it's clear, that parrot ain't afraid of no sharp, pointy teeth. Even prey and predator live in harmony at a Jimmy Buffett show.

4. Leis

It's great to get leid but it's even better to get leid at a Buffett concert. This lady brought leis to the next level with anklets in genuine hula style. And the lovely lass appears musically inclined herself. We are impressed.

3. Beach Balls

The beach life reemerges in the form of beach balls. And no, we don't mean hard, fake boobs. This couple is ready to play with their big, shiny balls and were down to have others play with them too.

2. Song Themed Attire

This gal is going for the "Son of a Son of a Sailor" look. Although her outfit isn't crazy, it's the understated creativity that gives her points. You go, girl!

1. A Party Attitude

Clearly the most important part of being a parrothead is your approach to life. These guys clearly know what's up with that cross-legged embrace right there. Can we get an "Awww" for some brotherly love?

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