Ten Metal Releases That Defined the Last Year

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5. The Children of the Night, Tribulation
This Swedish band’s 2015 release marks one of the only successful examples we can think of of death-metal band successfully abandoning its sound and transcending the confines of the death-metal community with something that, while still heavy, is completely unique relative to the rest of its discography. Melodic, dramatic, dynamic — this album was an unexpected stunner, and places Tribulation in line to follow in the snowy footsteps of the great Swedish metal bands.

4. Bleeder, Mutoid Man
Mutoid Man is a rare example of a supergroup that actually works, and one that has escaped the orbit of its individual members’ notoriety to exist in its own space. Bleeder’s tracks often sound like a prog band playing at d-beat tempos and boasts as many ear-worming melodies at it does face-stomping riffs and hits, and is a true breath of fresh air in the very often stale atmosphere that is the modern era of heavy metal.

3. Restarter, Torche
Miami’s favored sons and inventors of sludge-pop, Torche, returned in mighty form last year with Restarter, which is the band’s debut for Relapse Records. Restarter is everything we’ve ever loved about Torche further exaggerated, but also simplified at times. While many fans focused on the fact that there are more “bomb notes” and chunky guitar riffs than the band has dabbled with in recent years, but there is plenty of songwriting intrigue on the album, too.

2. Remain Dystopian, Maruta  
Miami’s favored sons of death-grind joined the aforementioned Torche on Relapse this year and subsequently took the metal world at large by storm with Remain Dystopian, a 17 track melee of a techy grindcore mayhem that gained Maruta some serious national attention. This tornado of sonic filth alone should solidify Maruta as a force of nature, and one Florida should be very proud to call its own.

1. Bad Magic, Motörhead
Sadly, this album went from being a triumphant 22nd release and celebration of Motörhead’s 40 years of destruction to a swan song as dear Lemmy, the Capricorn himself, left us in late December. While this album is here for the sake of commemorating one of the greatest frontmen and bands of all time, the record is also a proper motherfucker and would’ve made this list regardless. Turn it up, pour one out, and shake it loose!   
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