Ten Metal Songs That Would Make Game of Thrones Way Cooler

Game of Thrones is a huge, huge deal. You know that, though. The fantasy drama is HBO's most popular series ever, and reached the event horizon where novelty craft beers are now brewed in its honor, and T-shirts emblazoned with slogans and images that only viewers understand abound.

And let's be real: The show totally deserves it. It lives up to the hype it's been saddled with in the era of over-hyped television where every show is "the best show ever omg!" and we've all really become the slaves of our own serial-addictions.

I digress. Beyond the wild ass dragons, the bloody wars, the innumerable plot twists, the show is fantastically well-written, well-acted, and well-produced. And who could leave out the Dinklage? The Dinklage is really great. That said, the soundtrack could honestly use a bit of tweakin'.

Epic, sweeping orchestral arrangements are so predictable for such a program, and the reality is that the show -- in spirit and plot -- is really the most metal thing on television right now. So, maybe some shot-caller at HBO is reading County Grind these days and understands that our wisdom is as infinite as our love is tender. Maybe they understand that these heavy metal songs could provide the new soundtrack template to put season five totally over the top.

Come now, we ride!

10. Rainbow - "Kill the King"

Rainbow fans know well that the band has a wealth of GoT-ready songs lurking in the depths of its massive catalogue, but this one is probably the most apropos in lyrical content and copious riffage.

Come to think of it, this entire list could be comprised of songs Ronnie James Dio sang on and be none-the-weaker for it.

9. Thin Lizzy - "Massacre"

Aside from having the perfect cadence and lyrical content for any battle scene and bristling with some of the greatest guitar solos and duel leads ever, this song contains the lyric "death has no companion," which really exemplifies theme of GoT better than any other paltry string of words could ever hope to.

8. Doomriders - "Heavy Lies the Crown"

Listen to this track and try hard not to throw anything.

7. Behemoth - "Conquer All"

This band performs in outfits that could have very easily been pulled from the GoT wardrobe trailer. Also, lead singer and guitarist, Nergal, beat leukemia recently, which makes him far more battle-proven than the lion's share of metal musicians.

6. Candlemass - "At the Gallows End"

We really don't have to explain the merits of this song, however, Messiah Marcolin's soaring vocal assault alone qualifies this as one of the most epic metal songs of all time.

5. Fire and Ice - "Smash Your Crown"

Being that GoT is based on George R.R. Martin's novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire, we're tossing a tune by Richmond-based crossover thrashers Fire and Ice on here. The tune is only 46 seconds long, but each moment counts!

4. Blind Guardian - "Ride Into Obsession"

The dudes in Blind Guardian have to be GoT fans. This band wrote entire records about Lord of the Rings and the album the joint is off of has a dragon on the cover. Sold.

3. Slayer - "Die by the Sword"

Really, I'm just looking for excuses to throw early Slayer on lists at this point in my writing career.

2. Iron Age - "Burden of Empire"

This song is a straight ripper that would blow that silly little hat right off George R.R. Martin's head. "The seal was broken, the riders were beaten, now the future's our own." Dare you to find a more GoT lyric!

1. Celtic Frost - "Dethroned Emperor"

Cowbell into wolf-growl. You can't beat it, man. Also, Celtic Frost's frontman goes by the name Tom G. Warrior.

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