Ten Metal Songs That Would Make Game of Thrones Way Cooler

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10. Rainbow - "Kill the King"

Rainbow fans know well that the band has a wealth of GoT-ready songs lurking in the depths of its massive catalogue, but this one is probably the most apropos in lyrical content and copious riffage.

Come to think of it, this entire list could be comprised of songs Ronnie James Dio sang on and be none-the-weaker for it.

9. Thin Lizzy - "Massacre"

Aside from having the perfect cadence and lyrical content for any battle scene and bristling with some of the greatest guitar solos and duel leads ever, this song contains the lyric "death has no companion," which really exemplifies theme of GoT better than any other paltry string of words could ever hope to.

8. Doomriders - "Heavy Lies the Crown"

Listen to this track and try hard not to throw anything.

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