Ten Mixtape Themes for Optimal Exchange Potential Tonight at Snooze Theatre

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10. Mixtape for Your Crush

This is the most common mix motivation of the lot. You want to load this thing up with sentimental ditties, coy, suggestive lyrics, and, duh, "Unchained Melody."

9. Mixtape for Your Road Trip

The open road calls for classic rock and dat interstate kush.

8. Mixtape for Dosing

Speaking of kush, how about a mix for getting faded, tripping balls, and generally getting fucked the fuck up? Dub the Easy Rider soundtrack for the come-up, some Tangerine Dream for when you're feeling it, mmmaaaannnn, and a lil' Nick Drake for reassembling your reality.

7. Mixtape for Cleaning

All right, your apartment looks like a Ralph Steadman cartoon of Hunter S. Thompson's party garbage. Maybe that drug tape was a little too heady? Splash your face with water, pop some speed, slap on your personally curated Frankie Knuckles Greatest Hits compilation and your crib will be teeth-grindingly clean in no time.

6. Mixtape for Cooking

You haven't eaten for days because all you do at this point is take drugs and make mixtapes. Get your appetite going with some jazz or even a lil' outlaw country. You need kitchen music, and this gravy isn't going to stir itself!

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Matt Preira