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Ten Musicians More Punk Rock Than Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong

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We've said it before and, goddammit, we'll say it again: No single musical act has sold out the anti-establishment ethics of punk rock more thoroughly than Green Day.
Whether they're recording commercials for Rhapsody, or (gulp) composing another Broadway musical, there's no doubt the band has traded in power chords and sneering for the fresh'n'minty, endlessly chiming sound of the cash register. Cha-ching.  
And it looks like the legendary pop-punk trio plans to milk their former legitimacy in every which way until they disband, or Peak Oil sparks the global conflict that preempts the Mayan Apocalypse and finally frees us from this mortal coil and/or the existential burden of Instagramming brunch. Whichever happens first.
The latest news? Starting September 10, lead singer, guitarist, and chief songwriter, Billie Joe Armstrong, has announced that he will be a judge on The Voice, aka bobo American Idol. And he'll be sitting next to '90s pop genie-in-a-bottle, Christina Aguilera?
According to our calculations, this makes good ol' BJ one of the least hardcore dudes we can possibly imagine. In fact, check the jump for a hearty list of musicians way, way more punk rock than the man responsible for so much public embarrassment. 

10. Medieval Minstrels Are More Punk Rock than Billie Joe

Traveling the countryside relaying musical tales of nymphs and swords in stones does not immediately conjure an image of the Sex Pistols sailing down the River Thames blasting "God Saves The Queen." But upon closer inspection it's absolutely undeniable that these musical vagabonds are precursors to the contemporary train hopping crusty. Let her eat the rest of your tofu scramble and she'll be pluckin' a banjo and singin' hobo tunes in no time.

9. The Insane Clown Posse is More Punk Rock than Billie Joe 
Need a model for how to stay true to your crew? Look no further than the Dark Carnival. If given the option to attend The Gathering of the Juggalos or a live taping of The Voice, you can bet your strawberry Faygo that we'll be getting down with the clown.

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