Ten Names Lil Wayne Might Adopt After He Retires

A name change typically signifies a deep-rooted personal change.

When Prince decided to change his name to a symbol and force everybody to call him "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince," he did so in protest of tension with his label, Warner Bros.

We're not sure why Ol' Dirty Bastard changed his name to Osirus and then Big Baby Jesus. But we're also not sure what motivated ODB to do did anything he did. Oh wait, of course we do: crack cocaine.

Sean Combs, on the other hand, adopts a new moniker every few years. And they only get dumber.

With news that Lil Wayne has announced his retirement following the release of Tha Carter V, County Grind wonders if the Cash Money mogul will consider taking on a pseudonym to help him transition into this new phase of his life.

Here are some suggestions.

List of Names Lil Wayne Might Adopt After He Retires

1. Widdle Wayne

2. Even Lil'er Wayne

3. Big Baby Moses

4. Lil Wayne 2

5. The Artist Formerly Known as Lil Wayne

6. L. Widdy

7. Weezy G. Baby

8. Dr. Carter

9. Big Wayne

10. Ron Artest

Or, of course, he could always go by Birdman Junior.

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