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Ten People You'll Party With at Hard Rock Live Hollywood

The Hard Rock crowd isn't all swamp-loving, Hawaiian shirt-wearing gamblers or fans of the Improv too wasted to drive home. Nope. There's a slew of sorts of people to party with out at this Hollywood casino. And the best folks to get down with, you'll likely find at the aptly titled concert venue, Hard Rock Live. It's there that comedians like Bill Maher and musical legends like Willie Nelson bring out the greatest and the weirdest South Florida has to offer.

With this list, we attempt to define the ten people you'll party with at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood.

10. The High Rollers

How to spot them: They have a crazy look in their eye and are compulsively shuffling cards.

Of course, Hard Rock is a casino, so the high stakes games lure players in, morning, noon, and night. Those willing to invest lotsa cash to tempt Lady Luck are looked on with special favor. Not only do they have the privilege of lounging their very own private lounge and dining buffet prior to shows, but they also get priority seating. That said, you can't blame those of us in upper levels for being a bit jealous of their ease with risk-taking and view of Lionel Richie's nose hair.

9. The Retro Rockers

How to spot them: Dyed black locks, tanned flesh, and leather something on their bod. These oldies but goodies always are the happiest in the lot.

It would be politically incorrect and not very nice to refer to this bunch as "the geriatric set" simply because they qualify for AARP membership. Most of these folks were rabid rock 'n' rollers way back in the day, and the fact that their enthusiasm hasn't waned is admirable. By day, they may be doctors, lawyers, or bankers, but when they don their favorite band's tees -- sometimes several sizes too small -- and flail away on that air guitar, it's clear, they know how to rock.

8. The Youngsters

How to spot them: They're usually in couples, looking around nervously, and wearing thick-rimmed glasses.

Because Hard Rock tends to offer shows of classic artists, it's rare to find a lot of younger people in the audience. But when we do, it's a welcome sign. It's nice to know the older music is still appreciated by a newer generation. Just one favor though, please don't address me as "sir."

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