Ten Pictures of Chris Brown and His Bros Smoking Mad Reefer in Amsterdam

There's no doubt in our mind that pop-singer and perpetrator of domestic violence Chris Brown is -- straight up -- addicted to marijuana.

But if the past few days worth of e-content have been any indication, he may have a parallel addiction that is just as serious if not even more so.

Chris Brown is addicted to the internet.

More specifically, he's addicted to the internet as a vehicle for communicating his insatiable lust for marijuana. Most recently, Brown went on an Instagram spree documenting his and his posse's mad reefer burning while in Amsterdam. Check the jump for County Grind's ten favorite shots from the sesh.

Leave it to potheads to make the blunt rolling table look like a mad scientist's work bench. Dennis Leary once said, "I stopped smoking weed because I was sick of building things!" And Archimedes of Syracuse declared "Eureka!" when he turned his bathtub into a reverse gravity bong.

This is the teaser poster for Chris Brown, Some White Guy and the Quest for the Holy Grail (of Weed)

While we mostly loathe Breezy his myriad highly loatheable qualities and life choices, we do agree that a Polaroid-style frame really makes a self-pot-portrait pop.

When placed inside of a vial, marijuana looks ten times that much more illicit.

Why bother smoking weed in front of Instagram if you're not gonna take at least one "serious" picture of yourself sensually puffin' like a dragon? We appreciate this image's perspective re: Chris Brown's disgusting goatee.

This one is titled, "I'm Freaking Out, Maaaan."

And this one is titled, "I'm Freaking Out, Maaaan 2: I'm Really Freaking Out!"

You're telling us all these bros did was toke a little bubonic? From the looks of this picture, we would assume they bought a party-sized bag of peyote gummi worms, or whatever other space cake bullshit is for sale.

In case the message of this pic is somehow unclear, let us spell it out for you: Their watches are also made of weed.

Chris Brown smokes weed, everybody. No, really.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.