Ten Scariest Tattoos at Tattoo Mania, West Palm Beach

There was a time when every tattoo was scary. Ink was reserved for criminals, freaks, and cartoon characters.

But now, tats have gone mainstream. Gone are the days of swastikas chiseled into prisoners' skulls using ballpoint pens and dissolved Skittles. Now pop stars and accountants rock Chinese characters on their arms, blissfully unaware that their bicep now translates into "dog anus" rather than "love and peace," as was originally promised.

Though, at West Palm Beach's first annual Tattoo Mania, terror lived. And, in the best way possible. The tattoo was elevated back to its once terrifying state.

Stuff some paper dowels down your khakis, because these are the ten scariest tattoos of Tattoo Mania West Palm Beach.

10. The Peek-A-Boo

This is a head you do not want to stand behind at post office, unless you're trying to ship nightmares to your ex.

But still, Chuckie is less scary than Ken and Barbie's horribly deformed genitalia.

9. The Calf of Terror

What if this guy brought in a picture of his mom and asked for a calf portrait?

The most permanent yo momma joke ever.

8. Disney's Dark Side

The scariest part about this tattoo is the knock on your door you get a week later from Disney's legal team.

Ma'am, we now own your arm.

And from hence forth your shoulder must sell $13 churros in Orlando.

7. Freeze!

This tattoo is surprisingly effective for those who experience trouble urinating.

Now every time your vagina looks up, it'll piss itself.

6. Bad Religion

Still slightly less disturbing than the all too popular image of a slowly suffocating bloody Jesus nailed to a wooden cross.

5. Spooky Bicep

The last thing you see before you get snuggled to death.

4. Purple Death Machine

It's kind of like a Rorschach test.

What do you see when you look at it?

Flowers? A very angry can opener? Nancy Grace?

Wait, that's not fair. "Angry can opener" synonymous with Nancy Grace.

3. His Body is a Wonderland

The scariest part about this is the fact that I can't stop staring at this man's belly.

2. The Shy Terminator

What a flirty little monster.

I'll be back! To get your number. *Tries to wink, then realizes it doesn't have eyelids*

1. Back Attack

This is what happens when a rabid wolf bites your slutty lower back tattoo.

Even the artist is like, "Help. Me."

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