Ten Sexiest Photos from Paul Oakenfold's Set at Gryphon Nightclub, Hollywood

If you were beaten by the bass and trance-ported to a divine electronic headspace this weekend, you were definitely '90s-tripping to Paul Oakenfold's DJ set at Gryphon.

The nightclub was packed with sweaty, animal flesh. The crowd was amped and ready to rave into a darkened bedroom after a night of lights pulsing on the dance floor and guzzling magnums of champagne. Click on for our 10 sexiest shots from the show.

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10. Put your Grey Goose in the air like you just don't care! This lady cut her Paul Oakenfold shit a leeetle short in the front. Lower, higher, lower, higher. Perfect!

9. Sometimes fashion can be ugly and sexy at the same time. Kinda like Courtney Love or Woody Allen.

8. The back view. Girl, we'd like to borrow those undies, you can keep the chapeau.

7. Yo, gotta have something for tha ladies! That beard is some lucky gal's furry, black pillow. Rock it out, homey.

6. Your kiss, your kiss is on my... Ear? Whatever, things probs got "hot" after blonde number one's head turned into blonde number two's face. Or at least they got very blonde.

5. Can't forget the sheer magnetism of the man himself. Mr. Paul Oakenfold's styling in those headphones.

4. Steam is steamy, Ain't it? It's also good for groping and smooching strangers without ever having to see their goofy faces.

3. This one's for the gays. We love y'all too! We even celebrated Pride with you in Fort Ladidadi. Here's the slideshow from Pride South Florida.

2. These two have twin mugs and twin jugs.

1. Where's he looking? Is it at her limp wrist, or her perky peckers. We'll say, for the sake of a "sexy list," it's her chest. Romantic.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.