Ten Signs Jason Mraz Is a Real Hippie

Jason Mraz first appeared on the coffeehouse scene 14 years ago with sweet vocals and an acoustic guitar. Now he's a two-time Grammy winner who's gone multiplatinum in more than 20 countries. His latest album, YES!, came out on June 15, and his international tour kicked off Saturday.

But even with his star having risen and fallen a bit, this Cali boy doesn't seem to be budging from his laid-back, socially conscious hippie roots. Though his Instagram looks pretty hipster-crisp, it's the content that counts. This guy still likes to get dirty at his organic avocado ranch when he's not catching waves at the beach or sucking down homemade smoothies with chia seeds.

Here are ten signs Mraz is a crunchy, West Coast hippie.

10. Hippie hobbies

Jason Mraz lists surfing and photography as two of his hobbies and combines the two to take some pretty sweet surfing selfies that he shares on Instagram.

9. He's a roaming bard

With a guitar slung behind his back, Mraz spreads his message across the lands like a modern-day Bob Dylan.

8. His ride

He owns a van that looks like something right out of That '70s Show.

7. The gatos

His Instagram is full of cuddly pics of his pet cats, Krishna and Cheeses. Krishna. Yes, you read correctly. He's bordering on hipster territory, though, with his cat-face graphic T's.

6. Staying grounded

He keeps a very personal online journal about his feelings and experiences. The singer is incredibly open with his fans about things like how he deals with touring, the joys of his garden, and how he really feels about doing interviews.

5. Sexual revolution

He teamed up with Raining Jane, an all-female "eclectic rock-folk band" for his newest album and tour. Mraz has known Mai Bloomfield, Becky Gebhardt, Chaska Potter, and Mona Tavakoli for eight years now. He's clearly into gender equality.

4. Higher consciousness

The same artist who brought us an album titled Love Is a Four Letter Word is bringing us YES!. That's right, you heard correctly, the album is actually called YES! As in, Jason Mraz are you a total hippie? YES!

Mraz announced the positive news on his website: "If you haven't heard already, myself and Raining Jane have teamed up to make an entirely new album together. This new album, titled 'YES!' containing songs about love, friendship, healing, hope, and consciousness -- is NOW finally ready for your ears!"

No, that wasn't your yoga instructor running down topics you can dedicate your practice to; that's Mraz being granola.

3. The Ommmm life

The new album was recorded in the perfect green location. OM Studio -- yes, as in the primordial sound also known as "aum" -- is located at Mraz Organics' Avocado Ranch, where the artist grows his own fruit and vegetables, including his beloved grapes and kale.

2. Meat is murder

Mraz is a kale-chip-eating, almond-milk-drinking vegetarian. While on tour, he demands fresh fruits and vegetables be used in his homemade smoothies.

1. A true humanist

Mraz is a social activist who's passionate about the environment, human rights, education, and LGBTQ rights.

In this PSA for the Human Rights Campaign, Mraz promises, "I won't give up until there is equality for all" as his hit song "I Won't Give Up" plays in the background.

He also did this PSA for WEGIVEADAMN in support of marriage equality.

Mraz made history as the first straight man to land the cover of Instinct, a gay magazine. He earned it by being an awesome straight ally. Mraz even vowed not to marry until marriage equality exists for everyone, something that may have contributed to his spilt with his ex-fiancée, singer Tristan Prettyman.

His song "I'm Yours" was used for a PSA for the Nature Conservancy to bring awareness about environmental activism.

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