Ten Songs That Prove Chiptune Is Worth Listening to

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10. Kplecraft - "5114"

We're going to start off with a really strong unique track here. This is Kplecraft, hailing from Japan. As well as using various consoles, they also mix in live precussion and instrumentation, like the sax you should hear kicking in at about 34 seconds. This song makes me feel like I'm storming 8-bit castles with Kenny G., and that is a great thing.

If you like this song, you can download the album, "L012," via or check out

9. Yerzmyey - "Dark Galactica"

This is the other side of the bit-coin. Ha! See what I did? But seriously, this is a dark, grimy, almost trappy kind of track. It'd sound more at home in a smoky, neon lit room than it would at an Atari party. I'd say I've always had a fondness for EDM and the like, and I'd say this is as good as a lot of the stuff out there right now. I love this track.

If you like this song, you can download the album, "Brutal And Aggressive," via or check out

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Derek Heid