Ten Songs That Prove Chiptune Is Worth Listening to

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6.sea64 - "Rapture"

Thought we could use a change of tone. For being called "Rapture," this song sure is a kick-ass upbeat tune. Thick bass lines and cool leads both being done by a Commodore 64! It's just such a smooth slick song, it still shocks me to the core that this is chiptune. (Supposedly, it's also considered something called "Seapunk," but that's something to look into at another time.)

If you like this song, you can download the album for free (or donate, if you feel so inclined) via

5. exileFaker - "Redshift"

This song is pretty much your standard chiptune song. Definitely one of the better ones. It legitimately sounds like it belongs in an old, obscure side-scrolling game, that wasn't very good. But man, that soundtrack was good. It contains such a driving beat with an uplifting melody that it's hard to ignore the beauty in it. Or maybe I've gone crazy. Who knows, but I do know I love this song.

If you like this song, you can download the album, "Ockham's Chainsaw," via

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