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Ten Songs That Should Be Added to Mars Rover Curiosity's iPod

If all of humankind were represented by a piece of music, what would it be? According to TMZ (who heard it from Reddit), the crew running the Mars Curiosity Rover Mission like to jam to a little classic rock -- like Simon & Garfunkel and the Doors -- when exploring new worlds.

To be frank, we're a little disappointed. What do they expect to find over there? A bunch of Dads? After the jump, check out County Grind's Top 10 songs we would make sure were on our smart phones before launching a mission to Mars.

10. Meat Loaf - "I Would Do Anything For Love"
Meatloaf's epic breakthrough single runs the gamut of human emotion and experience. Love, morality, balance, compromise. It's all in there. Plus, maybe the Martians can help us figure out just where exactly the '80s pop star draws the line when it comes to actions he would undertake as to obtain a mutualistic romantic relationship.

9. Hologram Tupac - "California Love"
Or maybe NASA should have loaded the rover with a Coachella-quality projector so they could beam in Makaveli. Imagine loitering around the the Gale Crater's "bad neighborhood" for late night screenings of Tupac's sex tape in 4-D.

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