Ten Stocking Stuffers for Spoiled Superstars That Have Everything

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10. Superstar: Miley Cyrus

Stocking Stuffer: G-string and/or thong(s)

In 2012, the former Disney sweetheart, and daughter of country music artist Billy Ray Cyrus, rebranded herself wild-and-crazy with a manic potency rivaling Britney's standard-setting, head-shaving meltdown of 2007. But, like, a thousand times more composed and calculated. Do you really believe Hannah Montanna is going off the rails? We think all this ass grabbin' and consorting with pornstars is akin to Diddy changing his name to "Swag." That is to say, contrived as hell and corny as fuck.

9. Superstar: Rick Ross

Stocking Stuffer: Twice his weight in weed

Ricky Rozay smokes his weight in weed like it ain't no thang. So this Christmas, help the Bawse up the ante by filling the big red sock hanging over his fireplace with 600 pounds of marijuana.

8. Superstar: deadmau5

Stocking Stuffer: Tranquilizer gun (to be used on him)

For real though, Santa needs to snap into stealth mode, slink down Joel Zimmerman's chimney, and sedate the fuck out of this nerd pronto. When he wasn't freaking out about - of all people - Madonna, he was bitching and moaning about, uh, the genre of music he helped make an international sensation, and helped him land a Reality TV pin-up for a girlfriend who can look past the LARPing gear and obsessive Facebook photo albums.

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Matt Preira