TGIF: Top 10 Videos of Animals Dancing to Reggaeton

If we have to spend another minute in this cubicle pushing papers and farming dust, we're gonna snap.

Thankfully, there are approximately six hours 'til we can GTFO of the office for a few days and pretend like we're never going back.

And as far as making the last stretch of our weekly death sentence fly by? Well, that's what videos of animals dancing to reggaeton are for.

10. Un Perro
What? Did you miss that episode of Lassie where Timmy fell in the well and the only way his adventurous pet canine could save him was by winning a dirty dance-off?

9. Un Gato
If you "'tought you taw a puddy cat" dancing to reggateon, well, it's cause you did, bro.

8. El Pájaro
Yeah, Tweety! Shake dat culo, mami!

7. Un Caballo
A horse is a horse, of course (of course!). And no one can dance with a horse, of course. Unless, of course, the name of the horse is the famous Reggaeton Eduardo.

6. Dos Tortugas
Imagine if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles grew up down the block from Las Palacio de Los Jugos.

5. Algunos Pingüinos
This video is the only thing that makes us happier than Happy Feet, which, until this video, was previously the only thing capable of making us happy.

4. Un Mono
Finally! We've found the missing link between man and his ancient ancestors!

3. Un Ratón
According to our calculations -- which, admittedly, are probably off... We are blogging about animals dancing to reggateon, after all -- all you need to do is watch this animated mouse dance to reggaeton 32 or 33 times in a row and you will have successfully burned your entire workday.

2. Un Oso
To find this video we had to wade through a small mountain of footage depicting head-to-toe hairy leather daddies spanking each other to Pitbull remixes.

1. Un Hipopótamo
Welcome to the fucking internet. Is it 5pm, yet?

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