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Tha Wolf Pakk: "Every Single Song Doesn't Have to Be About Women, Cars, and Most Notably Money"

Hip-hop in South Florida continues to grow and evolve. Headline-grabbing, flash-in-the-pan acts aside, the underground movement is alive and kicking and it will be no time before the rest of the nation takes note. A newer addition to the growing roster of conscious and thoughtful hip-hop is Tha Wolf Pakk, a duo comprised of MCs Dylan "Achileez" Campbell and Joshua "Antics" Tennie.

It's always a bit of a cliché when an outfit attempts to change the game and/or bring something different to the table, but this young act is slowly getting its guiding voice together. So far it's evident that Tha Wolf Pakk is well-versed in the better aspects of rap and understand the collective strength of its voices when staggering verses.

By enlisting the soulful vocals of Liza Forero, it adds an informed, R&B dynamic to this early crop of cuts that the duo is using to dip its artistic toes into South Florida's hip-hop scene.

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Tha Wolf Pakk featuring Liza Forero - "My Own Lane"

According to Achileez, "Every single song doesn't have to be about women, cars, and

most notably money, but when you do touch on those topics, there is always a more clever way than simply stating facts or over-exaggerating." This is a telling take on the current state of mainstream hip-hop. More and more artists can see beyond the veneer of what the music industry, a proven dinosaur, thinks hip-hop should be.

Antics' Midwest upbringing skewers his work and offsets Achileez's Southern rap flow. It's a good amalgam of styles for this Fort Lauderdale combo to play with. I'd liken it more to the interface of a guitar and bass than say the inherent dueling of a rhythm and lead guitar. It also allows for featured performers to add another layer, though it seems like Forero might be an unofficial third member given her involvement in the released tracks and the upcoming album. In any case, her voice is an excellent addition.

Guided by the fact that not all rap has to be "ignorant to be popular" the two also understand that if it has to be ignorant, you might as well put "a lil' skill into it." Currently working on a debut album, Tha Wolf Pakk has promised a steady stream of songs, releasing them every month until the full-length drops. It's like some bizarre single of the month marketing campaign, which is cool. New music is almost never a bad thing.

Tha Wolf Pakk - "Believe That"

Tha Wolf Pakk is signed to local EDM/hip-hop label A4 Music Group.

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