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Thanksgiving Overeating Playlist: From Seduction to Satisfaction

Thanksgiving is a lot like courtship. There is the build-up of waiting to meet the most awesome meal of the year. Then, there are the second-guesses -- will it be as good as the last time around? And of course, there are the friendly teases, like when that perfect bite falls away from the rest on the cutting board or when there's an extra chunk of crust attached to your slice of pumpkin pie. All of this is why we have compiled the perfect playlist to accompany your meal from seduction to satisfaction. Now, pass the potatoes.

Usher - Do It To Me
This is background music for when you're picking at appetizers, sipping on your first glass of wine, and exchanging pleasantries before you take a seat at the table. You know, take it slow.

Adam Sandler - The Thanksgiving Song
This couldn't be a Thanksgiving playlist without it. It's necessary, and it's funny, even if you call it overplayed (bah humbug.). Plus, this YouTube user was nice enough to compile a really, um, eclectic slideshow just for us. Happy Thanksgiving to you too, godfatherson69.

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Survivor -- Eye of the Tiger
Getting full? You can't give it up now. Remember there are another 364 days standing between you and your next Thanksgiving feast. That's right, add a raw egg to that stuffing. Man up.

Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over
This addition was recommended by Jonathan, a nice guy I met on the plane today whose taste in music is clearly as questionable as my own. This is the karaoke version in case conversation at your Thanksgiving table is lagging. It also winds down the meal at dessert and is probably a better choice than the Lil' Kim song I almost included -- too inappropriate for such a wholesome holiday.

Sugar Ray - When It's Over
As you sip your coffee and remember the most epic meal of the year, this song acts as a digestif that will wash everything down and start to get you psyched for next year. Also, songs are linked to memories. Now, every time you hear Sugar Ray (often, no?), it will bring you right back to that second helping of candied yams and your crazy uncle who uses all the gravy and chews with his mouth open.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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