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That Time of the Month: a New Ladies' Night Where Women Seize the Means of Production (and Beer)

Phenomenologically speaking, the ladies' night -- a North American binge-drinking ritual centered around women getting hammered -- is an extension of the standard Girl's Night Out.

What distinguishes the Night o' Ladies, however, is the large-scale cultural-institutional support (usually by way of free hooch) that launches the depravity far past the realm of the lady who leisures and into that of trench warfare.

Tired of gussied-up, completely trashed trollops trying to impale you with their platform heel because you looked at they man? Well, maybe it's time you embraced That Time of the Month.

No, not that time of the month.

"We wanted to have a ladies' night at the Snooze," explains Dana Funaro. "But not the typical 'girls drink free' ladies' night."

In name alone, That Time of the Month has already accomplished one of the party's primary goals. Organized by Funaro and a team of coordinators made up of female regulars to the Snooze Theater in Lake Park, the monthly also toys with the traditional ladies' night formula. Instead of luring women to the bar with free drinks, women will be serving drinks, not to mention playing music, working the door, and, as they say, running the show.

Funaro explains that while seizing the means of (party) production is motivated in part by feminist leanings, it also figures into the larger effort surrounding the much-loved -- sometimes endangered -- DIY/open-minded art and music space.

"Sure, it's all about us girls having control for the night. But we also wanted to give back to all the guys who work so hard running the Snooze."

Central to the night's empowered offering is eclectically selected tunes. "It's mostly music you can shake it to," Funaro says, listing Harald Grosskopf, Glass Candy, and Snoop Dogg's "Sexual Eruption" as likely selections.

"The first TTOTM was the night of Whitney Houston's death, so there was an 'I Will Always Love You' tribute by Lauren Dwyer of the Band in Heaven."

And what about booze? "We're working out drink specials, but we think it will be for all genders. Or maybe just for the boys."

That Time of the Month (Lovely Lady Snoozie Night). 10 p.m. Saturday, April 14. No cover.

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