William DeVaughn looking autumnal
William DeVaughn looking autumnal

The [Almost] Ultimate Thanksgiving Eats Mix

The best Thanksgiving mix doesn't have to be thematic -- as with all

music that accompanies a gathering like the one Thanksgiving requires,

it should be easy to listen to, unrecognizably pleasant: background


But our goal here isn't necessarily to give you songs to

accompany the event.  It's to get you thinking about what the holiday

should really be about: gratitude, gatherings, the changing of seasons

and partaking of food and drink together.  After all, Thanksgiving's

roots are dubious at best, so instead of pretending the holiday is a

sincere one, you've got to try to make it about love and sharing presently.  Also, these songs could at least make a really, really good cooking soundtrack.

1. William DeVaughn - Be Thankful for What You've Got

2. Jackson 5 - It's Great to Be Here

3. Cannonball Adderley with Miles Davis - Autumn Leaves

4. Big Star - Thank You Friends

(the link below contains the demo version AND the single)


5. Jonathan Richman - He Gave Us the Wine to Taste

6. Yo La Tengo - Autumn Sweater

7. Sly & the Family Stone - Thank You

8. Van Morrison - Golden Autumn Day


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