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The Brite Side

The Lifeless Lady EP (

Someone needs to find the template they use to make this omnipresent, post-adolescent, Broward County alt-rock, then smash it -- or at least abduct and reprogram it. This Pompano Beach boy band includes Jason Knapfel, who pens a column on the local music scene for the Sun-Sentinel. Brite Side's The Lifeless Lady EP isn't completely lacking in charm. There's plenty of resonant acoustic guitar and briskly strummed, lightweight, nonthreatening Anglo-pop. Less histrionic than Dashboard Confessional, Brite Side is terribly over-earnest just the same. Maybe that's not a sin, although singer Jason Misrahi wrings out such lyrics as, "I think love comes gradually," and "I wanna be brave so I can show you that I do care." The nadir is "Neighborhood," a shuffling sing-along that could be a G. Love and Special Sauce throwaway. The best part is a beautiful Rickenbacker solo in the middle of "Can You Help Me" courtesy of Earl Coraluzzo (Remember the Ocean, the New Graduates), who's nice enough to lend his hapless friends a helping hand. Still, his chiming notes are not enough to save the Brite Side. Sensitive jockstrap crap like this gives love a bad name.

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