The Clap Reunites in Fort Lauderdale for Poorhouse Show with Chaos and Punk Covers

Many years ago, South Florida had herself some evenings of particular wanton excess that resulted in the Clap.

A quad of musicians left to their own devices formed a separate VD-named entity while their bands, Radiobaghdad and the Holy Terrors, took some "much needed time off."

The Clap made a racket with chaos and punk rock covers. Not to be confused with the early '80s Anglo-inspired punk band from Pennsylvania, South Florida's the Clap was a thousand times more tropical and has a solid sense of humor.

Formed by Pete Gordon and Chris Hawkins of Radiobaghdad and Rob Elba and Mike Bocsusis of the Holy Terrors, it was fifty percent self-entertainment, fifty percent legend making spunk.

Both bands enjoyed a modicum of success with Radiobaghdad's revolving door of musicians - ensuring the band's existence without a single founding member in tow - while the Holy Terrors' story came to a tragic close with the loss of beloved local guitarist Dan Hosker in 2012.

This Clap, is the original Clap - with an otherworldly resistance to Ceftriaxone. Gordon is escaping his current duties of beer-making in Portland, Oregon, "King of the Roulette" Hawkins is arriving from Las Vegas, and Bocsusis will arrive from parts unknown within North Carolina. It has been reported that loose cannon and man of mystery Elba might actually make the lonely drive all the way from Sunrise for this reunion. And that is how the self-proclaimed "greatest punk rock cover band to ever exist on God's green Earth returns to Fort Lauderdale."

When asked recently about the Clap and how one could contract it for a musical engagement, Elba misunderstood and kindly passed the ball, "Those guys can probably tell you much more about contracting the clap, I've been married for 30 years."

The Clap will stave off the infection of consumerism on Black Friday. But it might just end up infecting South Florida all over again.

Also, pick up your very own Clap T-shirt right here.

The Clap with the Shakers. 10 p.m., Friday, November 28, at the Poorhouse, 110 SW Third Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Free show. Call 954-522-5145, or visit or Facebook.

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Abel Folgar