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The Crumbs Insubordination Fest DVD Out Now

The Crumbs were once signed to Lookout! Records. They toured the country and wrote great songs that made the kids sing along. 

But times have changed. Johnny B moved on. Chuck Loose went back to his office. Emil 4 ½ isn't doing it anymore. But the Crumbs are still pretty damn great.  They have hit a second or third stride in the last little bit where they feel a new-found comfort with some of their classic material. 

Their set from the Insubordination Fest in Baltimore last year was caught on film, and produced by veteran Mass Giorgini. Now it's  available on CD/DVD. It's a pretty damn good show. Raf Classic still snarls and smiles and charms his way through the set, backed by Jose Flores on bass and Marcio on drums. There are some flim-flams and off-beat shenanigans from behind the kit and some pretty funny reactions from Flores. They blow up a borrowed amp and get some impromptu back-ups from Slimak of Stay Hitt

One of the treats is picking out some South Florida punk rock regulars

from the front row like Eric Ridgemont of Die Stinkin' at the show dancing and singing along, eating up

some of the older material. I'm not gonna lie. I miss Johnny B's guitar

a lot, but the current lineup still pulls off the songs really well.

The crowd favorite is still "All Style."

Check out the DVD, 'cause it's worth it. You can buy it at the Insubordination Records website for $12 - cheap!

Look for the Crumbs playing live at Sweat Records on June 13th with the Dead Hookers' Bridge Club and the Bastard Unicorns

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Dominic Sirianni