The Deep End

Matt Sims, operating under the alias Mount Sims, calls his dark, dubby, clubby performance art "technosexual," a catchy term for his strange, po-mo collision of synth-driven beats, cyber-goth melodrama, and WTF sexual transgression. After growing up in Minneapolis and toiling as a model in L.A., Sims' breakthrough came in 2002 when German DJ Hell picked up on his dark-dance-ode "Hate Fuck." From there, it was underground, art-punk notoriety and hanging with other polysexual freaks like Peaches and Miss Kitten. His first LP, the acclaimed-in-a-very-niche-market Ultra Sex, showed a little of Sims' lighter side, with the fun, funky "How We Do" bouncing somewhere between early Prince and Kraftwerk at its most minimal. In 2004, he dropped an aptly titled mixtape called The Great Electrocla$h Swindle, and he released his most fully realized album, Wild Light, last year. His live show, described by Sims himself as "dripping with sexual content and visual statements about the juxtaposition of fame and familiarity" will probably lead to some kind of digitally enhanced moregasm. The full band consists of synths, bass, guitar, drums, Matt on vocals, and usually a pair of female dancers who "represent taboo and transgression, the future of human Eros, and the beginning of technosexuality." Yum! Who's ready to climb to the top of Mount Sims?

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Jonathan Zwickel